Is your brand helping
or hurting your cause?

With nonprofits, as with individuals, nothing is more powerful or persuasive than a good reputation. Right this minute, your reputation is either building goodwill or sowing seeds of disappointment.

A nonprofit’s reputation is one of its most powerful tools. What many executive directors and boards fail to realize is that a nonprofit’s reputation is its brand.

That’s right: your brand is more than just a name and a logo. Your brand lives in the minds of other people—the very people you want to persuade to support your mission.

Successful brands don’t just happen.

Every organization has a brand—if not by design, by default. Successful brands don’t just happen, they are born of strategic thinking, tactical planning, and creative talent.

Branding helps donors and beneficiaries know what to expect and how to navigate through a dizzying field of options. Effective brands get people’s attention, communicate vital information, convey benefits, and differentiate organizations and services—all paving the way for increased impact.

You can get there from here.

Professional branding expertise used to be out of reach for many small nonprofits, but not any more. Today, you can access the same capabilities large and successful organizations rely upon every day.

You don’t need vast financial or human resources to improve your game. All you need are a few vital resources which are available to you now.

Does your organization have a branding problem?

Brand Fundamentals explains the branding process in practical, effective steps to help nonprofits communicate their essence to their stakeholders. We were able to use some of the techniques we learned immediately for our annual campaign. We received so much for so little!

Julie Davenson

Executive Director, Youth Services